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Your Forever Holiday Home

We offer custom greetings for every occasion!  Our unique selection of specialty greetings will lift your spirits and comfort your soul.  At Everlast Greetings, we are family.  We believe in giving the gift that keeps on giving...Love.  Welcome home!  We invite you to make yourself comfortable and browse our great selection today.

Writing Letters
Sketching Pencils
Pink Envelopes
Floral Card
Pretty Envelopes
Cute Planner


Our History

Everlast Greetings exists to share messages of hope through every available voice.  Our custom greetings spread cheer to our neighbors and loved ones, near and far.  Our affordable greetings are accessible to all and just the right fit for every occasion.  For meaningful words that last...
Everlast Greetings is your forever holiday home.


2120 S Reserve St. #1065
Missoula, MT 59801

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